Marisa and Olga, the DNA of Matilde Cano


Among thimbles, patterns and buttons….Just like that, Matilde Cano’s daughters remember their childhood.

Marisa and Olga Gutierrez Cano, who say they feel linked to this family business”through the passion in their DNA,” to the extent that not only have they been starring in the permanent evolution of the parent company, but then went on to create the new line Mass by Matilde Cano with a fresh and young touch.

Olga Gutiérrez Cano graduated in Business Administration and Management, and Marisa Gutierrez Cano with a Degree in Fashion Design. Their permanent studies in the fashion industry support the creativity in every collection they launch.  Over time, both daughters, have become creative directors of the brand, considering fashion as a transfer medium for women to express their personality. But how can they explain that feeling of belonging to a highly competitive and complex world as the fashion business is? Since they were very young, they felt close to the family business, they always participated in the collection events, even Marisa, before finishing her studies was very involved in the business projects of her mother. That’s the reason why, it’s almost impossible to define when her fashion career with Matilde Cano started. Both sisters felt that strong enthusiasm and curiosity that keeps them until today making real artworks.

The company is highlighted by a continuous performance and cooperation between all the departments, in order to achieve a global vision.

Matilde has set an example from which her daughters have been able to learn and keep learning…Their words of admiration for their mother are proof of their gratitude to this artistic heritage. “Our mother, with her vision and the support of our father, have both created a company from scratch with enthusiasm and passion as main principles of their work. “An absolutely wonderful commitment, which we have the chance to continue now.”

As we can see, Olga and Marisa always go hand in hand. A great working couple, forming and developing fashion, not only are they involved in working with the current artistic trends, they also work continuously researching the agility and comfort in their styles, researching new fabrics with the feeling of brightness and diversity of colour, and imagining variety in style and design. These witty designers enrich a simple dress with a special character and distinction, by using fabrics with swing, refined and elegant design details, all part of the character of the Matilde Cano DNA.

They say that art has the ability to arouse strong emotions, and indeed, the heiresses of Matilde Cano know how to open the door to the bohemian, vintage and even hippie air with their creations, so they can fulfill each and every expectation of those women who search for a thrill around them, so she has the ability to feel beautiful, either as a bride at her wedding day, or as a girl at a dinner.

Interview with Marisa and Olga

matilde cano evening dresses - interview with olga anda marisa
matilde cano creative directors

Matilde Cano is a Company full of vivacity and dynamism, full of colors and destined for a strong and confident woman. To discuss this and more, we decided to meet with them and further try to understand what is the trick they use to create these authentic masterpieces.

Were you always attracted by the world of fashion?

Marisa: We grew up surrounded by threads, needles, sketches and drafts. Our mother started her career when we were still small, and we, in an effort to help, always gave our opinion, however silly it could sound.

Do you belong to those people who are said to be in love with their work?

Olga: Both of us enjoy every second, we work hard until we are satisfied with even the smallest details, and we truly enjoy seeing the end results. We also love to travel and design, participating in catwalks and give a satisfied service to our customers.

Are your designs in the International market and how you reach these far corners?

Marisa: We join the annual catwalk Gaudí Novias in Barcelona, where there is a high percentage of foreign visitors and we also present our collections at international fairs like Paris, Milan and Düsseldorf. We also have stores and distributors all around the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Russia or United States.

Matilde Cano’s desire is simply to build a society of strong and self-confident women.

How would you describe the brand?

Marisa and Olga: Elegant, distinctive, since its inception, the collection has been designed to convey a sense of distinct individualism and self confidence. Each collection is carefully made by our experienced craftspeople to satisfy the needs of each client, and we put a lot of effort into design and fabric selection, fitting, craftsmanship and personalized customer attention.

If you had to choose one outfit that would define the firm Matilde Cano, what do you choose??

Olga: Without hesitation, a suit of 2008, consisting of a polka dot silk skirt with a black bodice, all with a Spanish flair.
Many celebrities have already chosen to wear your clothes, give us an example.

Marisa: Icons of fashion and elegance, national and international, have chosen some of our creations, such as Carmen Lomana and Paris Hilton, which is a real honor.


How is a working day?

Marisa: Every day is totally different, no doubt. One day we may be in design, the next day we cut patterns, prepare a catwalk or seek inspiration for a new collection.

What do you think of online commerce?

Olga: Internet is increasingly present in our daily lives, and we know we will have to enter this market, for the simple fact that it allows us to have a retail outlet open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, which is very tempting.

: Internet está cada vez más presente en nuestro día a día, y somos conscientes de que tendremos que entrar a este mercado, por el simple hecho de que nos permite tener un punto de venta abierto 24 horas al día 365 días al año, lo cual resulta muy tentador.

After nearly 40 years travelling in the world of fashion, Matilde Cano’s brands achieves it’s most magnificent moment, and continues to thrive with recognition on the international catwalks.

You are actually in all social networks, ..what is the main purpose of these accounts?

Olga: We simply approach the consumer, who feels involved in the brand, and show our styling in a much more simple, pleasant and comfortable way.

After so many years in the fashion world, what’s your opinion?

Marisa: It is a very competitive and complicated world, there will always be plagiarisms or copies, but it’s worth it, because the only thing we are searching is the beauty, and to be happy with ourselves, regardless of other opinions.

Do you have new projects?

Marisa: We always have new projects in mind, mainly aimed to grow in the international market, in order to fulfill the wish of Matilde Cano when she started the company, with a mission to build a society of strong and self-confident women.