Chanel style dress with detail


Dress with chanel style fabric, detail at shoulders and vertical gemstones. Straight cut and short skirt.

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Dress with chanel style fabric, detail at shoulders and vertical gemstones. Straight cut and short skirt.

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42, 44, 48

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¿The prices of online shop, oficial stores and multi-label stores are the same?

No, those prices can vary depending on sales and promotions.

Which is the price adjustment policy?

We don’t make any price adjustment policy in products with discount.

Do you replace products with the “sold out” indication?

If the product is “sold out”, we are going to try to replace as soon as possible. If there was no stock, we would remove it from the web. Please write an email to if you have any doubt.

Am i going to received the same product than the picture?

Yes, except products with handmade process which could have a little different finish.

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Yes, from shopping basket you can remove the products that you don't want.


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In 5 working days since shopping confirmation, in case that product is on stock. If it isn't on stock, we will contact with you and delivery period will be 30 days.

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Delivery country always have to coincide to buying country.


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No, changes and refunds are free.

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No, in case pass 14 days since apply for refund and if we don't have received the original product, we will collect the cost by the original payment method.

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Yes, you have 15 days since new delivery confirmation date.

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You will receive cost by the same pay way you used in your purchase in a estimation of 10 -14 days depends on your bank.


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